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If you do a clean double pirouette and the teacher doesn’t see … did it really happen?

Well, yeah, it did. Right at the end of a complicated combination.

But Mr. O didn’t see it in class this morning. Couldn’t quite do one meeting his satisfaction, but my turns were better overall in both classes today (I did a few more clean doubles in Dawn C.’s class).

And both classes seemed to be pretty good classes otherwise, even if Mr. O made his a little more cardio. It kicked all of our butts.

The highlights? I think I did a credible job beating my jetes (jete batus maybe?) and stayed on the music and went in the right direction every time. And brises’ were OK, although I noticed my feet doing a little floppy thing every now and then. But Brises’ were once things I could not do, so I’m not complaining.

Dawn C.’s class continues to be a challenge, but I’m making progress. It’s a little more formal. And she uses different terminology than Mr. & Mrs. O and Susan K. She mentioned doing something in a combination and I’m thinking, what? Turns out it another term for tour jete. When the first line did it, I’m thinking “oh yeah, I’ve done that.”

We are doing some stuff I haven’t done before in her class, but I thought I did a credible job. Never knew there was a ron de jambre en’lair jump before, but we did it tonight. And I did OK. We also did a combination where we did a brise’ front with one leg, and then brise’ back with the other. Again, I was able to do it.

Got a little anxious tonight when I saw a partial cast list for Nutcracker posted. It was Act I. I’m already a party dad in that one (it’s a volunteer role). Still waiting on Act II to see if I’m doing Chinese again. I’m expecting to, but I don’t take anything for granted until I see my name posted.