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The deal is done

It felt a little strange walking into another studio.

It’s about 15 minutes closer to home. It’s what the artistic director at my regular, pre-pro school calls a “Little Miss Susie” dance studio.

I paid the registration fee to cover the summer and the entire coming year should I decide to keep taking classes there. I’ve signed up for adult ballet and jazz in back to back classes on Monday afternoons. That’s in addition to the two-three classes a week I’ll be taking at my regular school.

My guess is the level of training is no where near the caliber I get at my regular studio. But I am completely blown away by the choices they have for adult dancers: Ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and lyrical. To be honest, I’d love to take tap if I didn’t have to work on the night it is offered during the regular school year.

How extensive is their adult program? The Monday night adult ballet class has a waiting list. So, if after taking class there this summer I decide to continue my dance journey there, I’d be on a waiting list for the style I really love.

I’ve signed up for jazz, but I really haven’t done that style (except for a few weeks a couple of years ago) since high school. So it should be really interesting.

I love my regular school, don’t get me wrong. But I think it will be nice to be in a couple of classes where I don’t feel so much out of place … well, I’m a guy who takes dance, so I’m pretty much going to be a little out of place … but it would be nice to be in a class where the majority of dancers are over 18 every once in a while.

That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate being pushed in a class full of company wonders. That still has its place in my dance journey.


Trying another studio disloyal?

I’ve been taking ballet classes at the same school for the past eight years, but this summer I’m considering taking a ballet class or jazz class at a studio in a town a little closer to home (along with a couple of classes at my regular studio).

I’m considering it for a couple of reasons. No. 1, it is closer and will save me some on gas. No. 2, I honestly think I need a little change of pace.

I have no intention of leaving the ballet school I’ve called home for so many years, but the adult dancers seem to be getting fewer to almost non-existent in the morning open classes I take. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being in a class full of company wonders and I enjoy the pace. But I sort of miss the camaraderie of an actual adult class.

So the possibility is strong I’ll split the time between two studios this summer. Depending on how things go this summer, I might do the same during the regular year.

Part of me feels a little disloyal. There are people at the school I’ve called home who are like family;

As far as how things are going now, we’ve put the finishing touches on the school sketch dance. Only two more weeks before we perform it on stage. And it will be put on video,

I’m beginning to get a better handle on the dance. I finally got the timing down from the transition of the sissonnes-slide step to the saute basque turns, but I’m still a little sloppy during the part of the dance where we come forward alternating between en de hors and en de dans (hope I spelled that right) pirouettes. And for some reason, right after we come out of a tour jete and do step grande jetes to the right, I step on the wrong foot (I actually get it right on the left side).

It’s amazing fun, but rehearsing multiple times tonight has wiped me out,