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Ran into a backdrop, plowed into a tech guy in the wings, and was a fairy in class, yeah, an eventful day.

I know, a long headline. Theater week is turning into a fun one.

Tonight was “learn the Act 3 part I didn’t have until Monday” night.

I am a boatman in Act 3 who ferries the prince and the Lilac Fairy to Aurora so the prince can wake her up.

First time I’ve ever gone into theater week not knowing a part, Didn’t know the music, didn’t know my cue, didn’t know the pace of motion.

There were some glitches tonight. First run through, I was too much upstage and a backdrop came down on me. Second time, I plowed into a tech guy in the wings as I was exiting the stage, While humorous, I don’t count that as a mistake since I was already in the wings.

The next four (or was it five?) run throughs were pretty much fairly flawless. I’m no where near stressed out with dress rehearsal tomorrow night. Hard to believe the performances are almost here.

My Act I part of a court man, I pretty much have down, It’s not the most complicated part I’ve ever had, but Sleeping Beauty is turning into a lot of fun.

Speaking of the fun, we ended up working a little bit on the performance in the open class this morning. There is a scene in Act I where all the fairies come out and do first arabesque and then a pas de bouree and pirouettes in order in a line.

Not all of the fairies were there, so our artistic director drafted everyone in class to be fairies, including the guys, We spent about a half hour on the combination.

When you’re a male dancer in ballet, sometimes it’s good to have a sense of humor … especially when you’re asked to be a fairy,

It was fun and I “felt pretty.” It was a hysterical,sbatc3

The photo is from the wings, just before my time to rehearse.

Getting rid of the on-stage jitters

Never fails, I’m always a bundle of nerves during the first full run through on the VBC stage, especially during Chinese.

We had Act II rehearsal tonight. I thought I did OK for the first night, I wasn’t quite as sharp as I want to be, and my jumps were not as high as I would have preferred. But there were no major mistakes, so I’ll take it. I know things will get better from here on out now that I’m used to being back in the theater.

I’m a lot more comfortable, and a little more confident after the second run through. There’s been a slight change in the choreography, but that’s not really a big deal.

I thought it was a good rehearsal overall. Our Sugar Plum and cavalier are going to rock the grande pas. And the guest artist we have doing Russian can really leap. It’s going to be fun to watch him perform.

We have Act I tomorrow, which means I switch to party dad and work the magical bed during battle scene. It’s a totally different vibe from Act II, which to be honest is more fun for me.

Get to sleep in a little tomorrow, but have my last final of the semester at noon.

Dress rehearsal is Wednesday … and then it’s seven shows in four days starting Thursday.


One of the traditions we have during Nutcracker is gifting. The kids exchange gifts with other kids who are in the same dance with them.

As an adult, I really don’t expect a gift, but it melts my heart when I get one, I do confess.

Last year, one of the Chinese girls gave me a small Chinese soup bowl with scented soap. A couple of years before, one of my party “daughters” gave me a Nutcracker ornament that hangs from my tree each year now. Tonight, one of my Chinese girls gave me a box with candy. It’s pretty cool.


My biggest challenge may not be on stage, but sharing a small dressing room with the rest of the party dads, the guy playing Mr. Stalhbaum, the guy playing Drosselmeyer and Mother Ginger. I’m the only one with a costume change, which means trying to keep up with clothes, costumes and shoes, while trying to work around eight or nine other people.

Of course, by the time Act II is over, it’ll be cleared out except for me and the dad who plays Mother Ginger.

I will try to post pics by the time we’re done. Didn’t have a whole lot of time tonight.