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It takes two to tango … sort of

I have to give my girlfriend credit.

She tried to do something to connect with me.

She knows dance is my thing, although I don’t think she fully understands that ballet is my thing, but I do have an appreciation for other dance forms.

We tried a beginning tango class tonight. Ballroom is not really my thing, but I do know some of the basics to the tango. She’d never danced before.

She lasted all of about 10 minutes. She freaked a little bit when we had to change partners (not something I was prepared for, either).

She was overwhelmed. The grand dance experience was over.

She was apologetic the rest of the date. I kept telling her she needn’t be.

It made me feel special she wanted to do something to connect with my dance world. She didn’t have to.

She’s a Southern girl, and a bit country.

We’re a little bit of a role-reversal.

She’s been known to hunt and fish.

Me, I dance.

We have fun together. It doesn’t bother me at all that she doesn’t dance and doesn’t fully understand.

Ballet is my love when it comes to dance, and I’ve done hip-hop, modern and jazz. And while it would have been cool to have a ballroom partner, ballroom is a little further down on my list.

A slow dance would be cool in private, and I’ve promised her I would teach her some steps.

It doesn’t bother me that she doesn’t dance, or quite get it at all.

I like her just the way she is.