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My spotting is a mystery …

The reason it’s a mystery isn’t because I can’t spot, it’s because I can spot in ballet when I do certain things such as chaine turns and pique turns, but struggle when I do other things like pirouttes and tours en’lair.

My first year back as an adult dancer, I mastered spotting because of a green shirt that hung in the line of sight in the lobby in the direction I was doing chaine turns. That’s where my head would go when going right (and to the fire alarm when going left).

When I do pique turns, I pick that one spot and aim for it. That’s where I had.

But for some reason, I can’t seem to whip my head around for pirouettes and tours en’lair. It’s the reason I can’t do triples when I pirouette and doubles doing tours. How to change it, I still struggle to figure out.

Sometimes, I try to force things when I try to spot and it totally messes me up.

A little something from PNB

Yes, more amazing fouettes. Love the way she spots since that’s my weakness.