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Seriously Capezio?

Chalk this up to male dancer problem No. 150.

My reliable Sansha tights are getting holes. I bought a pair of Capezios about a couple of months ago from the dancewear store. Yep, as I suspected, not opaque enough.

So I went online shopping again. Somehow, I can’t find Sanshas in my size. So I read a review about Capezio’s offering once again, and it was suggested to bump up a size. I ordered the larger size, tried them on when they came in and … if you see your dance belt, totally uncool.

So I settled on a trick I’ve heard. I doubled up (put on both pairs). It solved the see-through problem. But wearing two pairs of tights at the same time causes other problems, mainly they bunch, especially in the feet, which killed my turns yesterday.

Not to mention, it’s not very comfortable and makes things a little hotter in a studio that was already steaming.

So the temporary fix is to either go back to the getting more holes Sanshas or continue to double up until I find the elusive pair (or pairs) that are a fit for me.

Capezio once carried a brand that was a fit for me. I had two pairs that lasted almost three years. Then they discontinued carrying the brand, and replaced it with the brand that has been the scourge of my existence.

Haven’t they heard, when something’s not broke, don’t fix it?