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Sluggish Saturday

I left last Saturday’s class thinking I was on the verge of a pirouette breakthrough.

The breakthrough didn’t happen at all this week.

So I thought, maybe today.

Only I felt a little weighty in class today. And it really didn’t help my cause that Mrs. O gave us a much different class than we normally have. The “safe” combinations that we usually do, the kind I use to build confidence, weren’t there.

We tried things today in class I’ve never seen before such as a pique kick-right, pique kick-left, tonbe inside turn, outside turn combination. Where did that come from. She even used “think Rockettes” as an example for the kicks, but still remember your ballet technique … oy!

Amazingly, I think my inside turns were about the best thing I did during that combination.

And we did a pirouette from fifth drill, where we did them over and over. Pirouettes from fifth aren’t my favorite. I tried to concentrate on the basics and SPOT, but I was forcing my spot and the music was moving faster that I could think and prepare. It was a mess.

When you are the only “adult recreational dancer” in class with company kids, you come to expect classes like that from-time-to-time.

The silver lining from today’s class? There wasn’t a thing in class that we did that I couldn’t do, albeit yet sloppy. And many of the company kids were struggling like I was.

I just want a class where I’m spot (pun may or may not be intended) on. And one where the majority of my pirouettes are clean and multiple.