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Vail International Dance Festival

A fun short video with some awesome dancing.

Pretty amazing at age 7

Although I am concerned that he has pointe shoes on at the end at his age

Ballet and sauna … at the same time!

Didn’t know I was in for a two-for-one deal in company class this morning.

Either someone accidently someone turned the heat on, or something was wrong with the A/C. That’s not a good thing for a ballet class in Alabama, where it was already humid outside. It was so humid my shoes were sticking.

The heat evidently played a roll with everyone’s pirouettes (although mine were better today than they had been all week). Mrs. O asked us why our pirouettes were a bit off …and she got comical answers and demonstrations from the company kids about hot it was.

“We’re melting” was the phrase I gave an amen to. But I won’t complain too much. I’m pretty sure I left some calories behind when I left the studio.

Despite the heat, it turned out to be the best class of the week, which was good since this was my first class with Mrs. O since she called me out during petite allegro last week. Even my brises (one of the scourges of my dancing existence) looked cleaner than they normally look in a combination I fared much better at than I thought I would. It probably helped that the brises didn’t come with any vole’s.

After being called out last week, I made sure I finished every combination today, and most were extremely fun. That included a combination that included an arabesque turn (also one of those scourges of my existence). Went right into the turn, know problems at all. 

And I managed to go the right direction every time during our grande allegro combination that included going from a fouette to a tour jete. The only glitch was coming out of the sisonne into the chasse’ assemble’ part of the combination … but I can live with that since I went the right direction on the fouette-tour jete.

Maybe someone should turn on the heat every day if I’m going to have a class like that.

I’ll be honest, I love the Saturday morning company class more than any other class I take. I’ll miss it during summer session.

A little something from PNB

Yes, more amazing fouettes. Love the way she spots since that’s my weakness.

Fouettes by 10 amazing ballerinas

Saw this on Facebook today. It really rocks.

A little Black Swan today

Love the Black Swan Coda. Envious of the turns from second.

Thrown into the deep end of the pool

When you’re basically the only “old recreational” dancer in company class, you kind of expect days like Thursday and today, just not back-to-back.

I can pretty much do 99 percent of the steps the company kids do, just not as graceful, beautiful and with the timing they do at times.

Every once in a while, you get thrown combinations that leave with the “you really want me to do that?” look.

Happened on Thursday with a combination that included the change direction fouettes. I was a bit wobbly, but came out otherwise OK.

Today? Two combinations that threw me entirely for a loop. One was a balance turn, attitude turn, a 180 turn, pas de bouree piroutte. I was my wobbly self, couldn’t really figure out the change direction turn (other than just cheating and turning a little extra in the attitude turn). It was sort of a site to behold. I think the Mrs. O must have needed a laugh today.

By her own admission (and this is a person who danced professionally with Pennsylvania Ballet and Pacific Northwest Ballet), it was a combination she had trouble with when she was in class. And one of the company kids said “oh snap!” when she demonstrated it (trust me, I was thinking up another thing to say a little less politically incorrect).

Don’t get me wrong. The combination, even if I did it entirely badly, was fun.

As was the wonderful combination we did for grande allegro (my usual strength). It starts off well, Saute fieee (I have no idea how that is spelled) glissade saute chat, glissade saute chat pique chasse tour jete, chasse tour jete (I’m good up until this point), and then a jete entrenent (a turn with a jete) sutunu and then a tour (or double tour if you’re better than me). I never got the end of the combination quite right.

It was, to say the least, a comedic day.

But I did redeem myself during the petite allegro combinations (my usual weakness, go figure!). My jetes, glissades and assemblees probably weren’t crisp enough, but Mrs. O looked pleased I managed to do the combination and on time with the music.

Even though I long for days when I do everything well, challenging days like today and Thursday do have their place. Those combinations I butchered Thursday and today, I will hopefully master by the time I’m 50.