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Cinderella photos as promised

Just a few shots of our performance of Cinderella a couple of weeks ago. I’m the Benjamin Franklin looking dude who needs to lose a few pounds. It was such an amazing production.ImageImageImageImageImage

Getting a “good job” from the artistic director

Somehow the words “good job” from the artistic director makes it all worth it.

I had a small part compared to others, but I had a fun time. And it was an honor to be in such an amazing production. I got to perform with so many people so much more talented than I. Hard to believe we’re done.

The girl who danced Cinderella was gorgeous. The two girls who danced the step sisters role were hilarious. And the friend of mine who is my age who danced the role of the evil stepmother might have stolen the show. She was incredible.

And I was in complete awe of the guest artist who played the prince. He was amazingly athletic. If I could jump as high, do tours like him, or as many pirouettes, I’d be happy. But to do what he did, I probably need to be 20 years younger, and a few pounds lighter.

But I was pleased with what I was able to do. Thought I did well with my pantomime. Thought my gestures were big enough. I hit my cues and the last two shows, I thought my dance steps were as good as they’ve been since we started rehearsing in January.

The sets were beautiful, the costumes were amazing. And the choreography was completely mind blowing … especially the part involving the little girls who were our “clock dancers”. They raced around an elaborate huge clock carrying roman numerals in a circle. From the wings it looked extremely awesome.

Hard to believe it’s over so soon. Withdrawals have set in.

Fortunately, there’s the school sketch dance in a little more than a month, where I’ll be dancing far more than I did during Cinderella.

I’ll post more pics when I get them. Image

There are bourees in this dance?

That’s what I was thinking as we put the final steps in for our school sketch dance at the end of May.

Second thought? Guys aren’t supposed to do bourees.

There is a part of the dance where we come together in a triangle. As the lone male dancer in a group of 10, I am the center mark person,

We come on stage in groups, we do steps in our groups and then we come together in a triangle before the final steps (grande allegro).

At the end of our particular group’s steps, if we are not on our spot, we bouree to get there.

I did not protest. It actually makes since. And for me, it’s only about four or so, at most.

And really, as we were doing them, it actually looked cool.

And the school sketch crowd usually isn’t the cultured crowd that will see us perform Cinderella.

So I doubt very many people in the audience will be thinking: “Isn’t that a girl’s step.”

My timing was a little off tonight, in part because I was thinking my way through it. When I do that, I’m either too slow, or too fast. But the steps are doable and amazingly fun.

I honestly believe I’m looking forward to this dance more than I am performing in Cinderella.

That’s not to say I’m not looking forward to Cinderella. I am.

And we’re four weeks away from bringing it to the stage. It may be the most challenging story ballet we’ve ever done.

It’s the first full length ballet outside of Nutcracker that we’ve performed. We’ve done Romeo and Juliet, Dracula, Firebird and Billy the Kid, but we did shortened versions that lasted about 45 minutes.

Cinderella is two hours and two acts, although my time on stage is about 10 minutes. It’s going to be an amazing production.

And our rehearsals are going to really get intense leading up to production week.


PNB Stepsisters

This is really similar to the scene that I’m in

Birmingham Royal Ballet Cinderella

This is the version of Cinderella we’re doing. Started rehearsing my part the last two days.

I’ve been cast in Cinderella!

No, I didn’t get my dream role. I won’t be a stepsister.

I’ll be playing the part of the flamboyant hairdresser. Sounds like it will be a fun role. Can’t wait for rehearsals to begin. We’ll be performing it the weekend of April 12. I think there are four shows.

This will be somewhat of a departure from my previous non-Nutcracker parts (I played a priest in Romeo and Juliet, Firebird and Dracula, and a cowboy in Billy the Kid). I do hope it’s more of a dancing role like the Cowboy in Billy the Kid.

But I am grateful for any role I am asked to play.

Class this week was a bit different. Had my first class with Mr. O on Thursday since the holiday break. His sister taught last week since he was helping a professional company stage Firebird (a very cool ballet if you haven’t seen it). I think because of my congestion, I was a little sluggish, although I thought I did OK. My turns still have not returned.

Since my dance schedule has changed because of college work, I tried one of my original classes today. It’s an open beginning-intermediate class, but none of the company crew were in there, just adults, a lot of the ladies I started dance with as an adult. It was totally weird being one of the younger people in class.

I love ladies in the class and count them as friends, and I love the teacher, who was my original teacher when I started back. She’s a stickler for fundamentals but … the class was way too slow and the combinations too simple.

We did balance’ turns across the floor (nothing else in the combination). I’m thinking to myself, this is way to slow! Then the teacher apologizes for it being to fast! Ugh.

We didn’t really do much dancing across the floor, which is what I live for. We did a lot of things broken down (again I appreciate it for fundamentals), but I like to move!

I may be in there a few more times this semester.

It’ll make me appreciate the Monday, Thursday and Saturday classes with the company kids that much more!

Cinderella 4/4 – Semionova, Malakhov

A really cool version of Cinderella with Polina in it. Can’t take my eyes off her. She is my favorite dancer.



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