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Most intense rehearsals I’ve been in

When I was cast in Cinderella, I really expected more of the same of the roles I’ve performed.

Like most roles, the hairdresser is mainly a character role mixed with some dancing. I expected rehearsals around once or twice a week until tech week.

I was mistaken.

We’ve had rehearsals for my scene every day since Thursday. Today is the first break away from the ballet studio. But I’ll be racing from college class to rehearsal again tomorrow.

There is a reason for the intense rehearsals. Most of the story ballets we’ve done during the spring have been condensed versions. I’ve been in Romeo and Juliet, Firebird, Dracula and Billy the Kid, and none of the versions have been more than 45 minutes long. The company only did Act 2 of Swan Lake a couple of years ago.

Cinderella, according to Mr. O., is the first full-length non-Nutcracker ballet he’s staged since his arrival here. It’s based on the version performed by Birmingham Royal Ballet. We’re changing some things around and trying to cut it from a three-act, three-hour version, to a two-act, two-hour version.

The ballet seems to be a little darker, but still sticks to the main theme. This version, the step-sisters are danced by company girls (not men in drag) who are quite comedic. And one of my teachers who also still dances is simply amazingly evil as the evil stepmother.

My scene involves them, a dancing master and a dressmaker. The dressmaker and I do a short dance around the stepmother when presenting our bills. We’ve got much of our scene staged, but there is still a bit to add. I’m still learning my music cues and trying not to botch the little polka step I have to do.

It’s exciting to watch it being put together, and really exciting to be a part of it.

As for class, I’m doing OK. The new schedule for the semester has taken some adjustment to get used to, and I’ve been a little sluggish. But I’m trying to get back into a routine.