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Opening night

Officially, the two public shows of our performances of Cinderella are tomorrow.

But tonight, we take the stage for a special performance as part of an event that honors the outstanding contributor to the art community.

Today is a little bit of a chill day before I head to the theater for warmups at 6:15. Curtain goes up at 7:30.

I’m sort of glad it’s a chill day. The rehearsals have run really long this week. There’s been a lot of stopping and going for the tech crew to figure out the lighting, the timing of the backdrops and the pulling off of props during the change of scenes.

We’ve even tweaked scenes as well, probably more so for Cinderella than in Nutcracker.

Throw in the fact that I’ve still been going to university classes and working on class projects, and this week has been an exhausting one. But it’s been fun, anyway.

As for my part, other than a malfunction when trying to adjust the evil stepmother’s wig on Tuesday, it’s going pretty well. I’ve hit my cues, and have done well with my dance steps (the few that I have). It’s amazing how fast the week has gone.

After going to ballet class in the morning, university class at midday and the theater late afternoon well into the night yesterday, I feel a little more refreshed getting to sleep in this morning. I hit the bed early last night.

Here’s hoping for a good first run tonight.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I wished I was able to be in two different places at once Wednesday.

I had a graphic design piece entered in the university art show. I was amazed it was picked to be in the show, since a large number of pieces were rejected. They had a reception for students with pieces in the show and an awards ceremony … at the exact same time we were rehearsing Act I of Cinderella.

I was stunned to find out my piece placed second in its category. I wished I could have been there … but my first love in art is dance (well, ballet) and I was where I needed to be.

Shot a couple of shots of Cinderella’s carriage and the clock from my smartphone from the wings. Wished I could better photos, but I wanted to share a little from the experience.ImageImage