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Watching Dance Moms: 30 minutes of my life I can’t get back

My daughter and I are big Marvel Comics fans. We go to every movie (my son along with us, but he now lives in another part of the state), and on Tuesday nights, we become avid watchers of Agents of Shield and Agent Carter.

We found ourselves looking for a program to watch a half hour before Agent Carter came on. Among the choices? Dance Moms.

I’ve flipped through channels and watched it in bits and pieces. But Tuesday night was the first time I actually sat down and watched for an extended period of time.

I’m a recreational dancer, so any dance show would draw my attention. My daughter used to dance, and still watches dance shows and knows good dancing when she sees it, partly from going to see the company her dear old dad performs with from time to time.

I couldn’t believe what I saw.

I wasn’t shocked by dance moms acting like hicks from the sticks. Or by a dance teacher/”agent” who looks and somewhat acts like one of my old offensive line coaches from my brief high school football days.

The dancing. That is what shocked me the most.

It was downright horrible. Seriously, I could dance circles around those kids and I stumble around as a bottom dweller in the company-level classes I take.

Basically, the choreography and dancing amounted to this: Walking around and striking a pose, and occasionally doing some acrobatic stunt. I felt sorry for the girls to be honest. Showing how high you can get your leg and doing a back flip isn’t dance when you do very little steps in between.

It saddens me that a show like this is the only picture many people get of dance schools in America.

Pushy moms, yeah I guess that’s funny. Maybe the mean dance teacher, too, makes for compelling television for some.

But the dancing sucks.

It really does.

I’m not a huge fan of competition studios. But I’ve got to believe there are some really good dance schools among them out there.

If you’re going to give a dance school a nationally-televised show, you would at least think they would give it to a studio where you’d be wowed by the dancing.

But evidently moms and a teacher acting like jerks makes for compelling television, rather than quality dancing.