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Back to the barre

I finally made good on the thought of returning back to class.

Maybe it was the binge watching of “Bunheads” with my daughter, which followed binge watching Gillmore Girls (don’t try to yank my man card, I have a crush on Lauren Graham).

As I’ve said before, I’ve been missing ballet … a lot. I’ve come up with a lot of excuses as to why I hadn’t been going, the most important part was the 70-mile drive to Albuquerque.

The class was pretty basic from what I’m used to. It’s a level II adult class. I was disappointed there wasn’t any turning in class. Muscle memory kept wanting me to turn as we were doing a waltz combination across the floor (not to mention feeling the urge to pirouette at the end of a combination that included a pas de bouree.

The barre was pretty simple. The class evidently hasn’t really progressed much past having arms in second, other than a couple of times when they went to fifth.

But it was fun to move. And the stretching at the end of class was epic. And we did a small, choreographed piece, pretty simple, that involved a little bit of partnering which reminded me of my last ballet role which came in Sleeping Beauty where I escorted my stage wife on and off the stage.

Although I miss the challenge of the classes I took with company kids at my old school back in Alabama, I will say that I fully appreciate the dynamic of being in an adult class. It’s nice to receive encouragement and be able to strike up a conversation without wondering if it’s awkward (a struggle when you’re not only a guy, but are greatly outnumbered in a class of teenagers).

Not to mention the partnering part. My partners today were younger than I, but at least they were a few years above the legal drinking age.


Adult ballet in Albuquerque?

I know I’ve been quiet the last few weeks.

I’ve been focusing on a move to New Mexico, which means a big change for my dance journey.

I’ve been to only one class since Sleeping Beauty. There has been so much to do.

My daughter and I will be moving from the South to the Southwest at the end of next week, “Taking the left turn in Albuquerque.”

We’ll be living in a small town just south of Albuquerque.

My dance journey is pretty much at a cross roads. I wonder if any of you who follow my blog happen to live in New Mexico and have any idea of a good place for an adult to take a ballet class.

Any information would be helpful. I’m not looking for a glorified exercise class that passes itself off as an adult ballet class, but one that is a “we do take ballet seriously” class.

I plan on dropping in on a couple of places. Don’t know how frequent of a class attender I will be.

I’ll be honest, it’s going to be tough on me going from taking as many as four or five classes a week and performing with a company, to just taking class occasionally. Or not taking class at all.

But I still can’t imagine class completely without ballet, even at my age.