Going to get back to work on that double

Today was week three in the incredible new world of nothing but adults ballet class.

As an adult “Ballet II” class, we still have quite a few different levels. It’s nice to be among the top of the class.

We continued to work on building up to pirouettes, and those of use (about three in a class of about 15) who had experience with turns got to try them at the end of the combination,

When you haven’t been doing ballet of any kind for six months, there is much to build back up. That includes my turns.

My old problems have returned. I still lean back when I turn. I can’t stay on releve’ long enough. And my left side, which used to be my strength, was pretty bad.

But in this new, informal without performing ballet world, the old goal still remains to hit doubles cleanly and consistently, and work up to a triple. If I can do that, I’ll have to get video of it to send to Mr. O, who once vowed to make it his life work (a joke of course).

As much as I do like the new place, I still miss my home, and the adrenaline rush of being on stage, that I confess.

The classes I’m taking are basic compared to what I’m used to, but still fun.

I didn’t look like a complete idiot during petite allegro, and was one of the better ones in class doing a two pas de chat, jump second, three changement combination that kept changing directions. At least at a slower pace, I’m not thinking about arms and head. I’m hitting those without thinking.

Of course, petite allegro hasn’t involved jete’s or glissades (things I confess I’ve never done well), so it hasn’t been a mess.

And grande allegro went well. Always been my strength. It was the same arabesque hop combination we did last week.

It was pretty basic, but still a good work out.

Class is going great. But that 140-mile round trip will pretty much limit how many classes I’m able to do.

Right now, it looks as if one class a week will have to do.


3 responses to “Going to get back to work on that double

  • asher

    I can’t even imagine what turns feel like after a 6-month break! A week off is bad enough.

    This class sounds really good, though – the world needs more adult classes that take this approach.

  • Old Faun


    140 miles roundtrip – I have done this once for a ballet class. Sounds ugly, but at least you have one again.

    As I have done, if you got that dance virus again: Do some home training. It works much better than lifting iron or doing pushups in a home studio. Get a hobby room, switch on music you like(a lot works, it doesn’t need to be piano music), and just dance. If you do it more often, choreograph a song. Just write down some moves to the songs you tried, memorize them and modify them 3 times. Then start again.

    I danced in a gymn, in my living room, in hotel rooms(if you travel there is always half an hour time in the evening), in the woods(great!). Just buy a small bluetooth speaker for a smartphone.

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