No Longer Boxed In

From my person blog.

The Real Scott


Three walls of an office cubicle.

That was my view Saturday after Saturday.

The only time I avoided it was when something special was going on. I’d have to take a vacation day, or swap with a co-worker.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the times when I was able to be off on a weekend. But usually, the only times I could really enjoy a weekend was when I was on vacation or performing with Huntsville Ballet (my great escape).

Enjoying a normal weekend? That was something out of the question for the most part.

Because of the work hours I couldn’t really get consistently going back to church.

The past couple of weekends, I’ve realized how much I’ve missed.

I think sometimes when we work a regular Monday-Friday job, we take that time for granted.

Yesterday, I took a dance class in a very cramped Albuquerque studio. It…

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