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No Longer Boxed In

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The Real Scott


Three walls of an office cubicle.

That was my view Saturday after Saturday.

The only time I avoided it was when something special was going on. I’d have to take a vacation day, or swap with a co-worker.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated the times when I was able to be off on a weekend. But usually, the only times I could really enjoy a weekend was when I was on vacation or performing with Huntsville Ballet (my great escape).

Enjoying a normal weekend? That was something out of the question for the most part.

Because of the work hours I couldn’t really get consistently going back to church.

The past couple of weekends, I’ve realized how much I’ve missed.

I think sometimes when we work a regular Monday-Friday job, we take that time for granted.

Yesterday, I took a dance class in a very cramped Albuquerque studio. It…

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Yes, you can sweat in Albuquerque

One of the things I haven’t missed about the South is the humidity.

I traveled to New Mexico for a week in college and didn’t sweat a drop, a wonderful perk of dry air.

I arrived in New Mexico on Tuesday. I hadn’t sweat a drop until today.

I’m not blaming it on the 40 percent humidity today (which for New Mexicans is like 90 percent from what I’m told).

It was from my first ballet class since relocating. Took in an open-adult advanced class.

I was pleasantly surprised by how challenging the class was even though I knew every step and could do every combination.

It was very fast-paced. We worked pretty hard.

I was dripping when it was over.

I was a bit surprised because an advanced adult class usually doesn’t compare to a full out company class

But this one was close.

I didn’t know quite what to expect. The teacher is sort of a roving teacher whose classes are spread apart between two studios.

She caters to adults.

I was afraid I was in for a glorified exercise class. It was not.

The class was sort of in what I call an Indie studio. It’s not a pre-pro school (which I’m also going to try later this week). It wasn’t a Little Miss Susie studio.

This place sort of reminded me of the studio Jodie Sawyer visits in Center Stage that had the modern class, only we did classical ballet

My fellow classmates were decked out in sort of relaxed attire. It was a good change of pace, as was the fact that I was in a class with strictly adults of just about all ages. There were people older than me, which was an experience I really haven’t had in a while.

The timing of the class could not have been better.

I needed a stress-buster the day before I start my new job as an editor of a small New Mexico newspaper.

Looking forward sweating a few more drops next week in Albuquerque.