The awkward moment when you have one day to learn a part

I’ve seen dancers get injured before performances before, and see understudies have to learn a part of the fly.

Just never thought I’d be one of those dancers who has to be a quick study.

Let’s just call it the tech week surprise.

Nothing like having your artistic director ask you to do a part with only one rehearsal before dress rehearsal, especially when it is in an act you haven’t been in.

My part of a court man in Act I I have down, But now there is a part in Act 3 I have to learn. I did walk through with Mr. O before Act I rehearsal tonight, It’s simple enough, except that we did it without music, Not having a clue about the music, or the cue of when I come in, that’s a little bit frightening.

But how could I refuse?

Being an old recreational adult dancer, performing is my one little glimpse of what it must be like to be a professional dancer, especially during tech week. And this just adds another layer to that.

As for Act I, there was a lot of tweaking tonight in our first rehearsal on the stage. There was a lot of stopping. In the words of my court lady, we really haven’t had a run through without stopping, which is unusual.

Last year during Cinderella, we ran the kitchen scene that I was in about three to four times a week.

Because of the wacky winter weather, we’ve been behind the eight-ball for Sleeping Beauty. I am confident, though, that we’ll pull things together. On the years that I’ve been a part, the company has not failed to put on a good show.

There is a lot of good dancing in this show. At least in Act I, the only act I’ve seen so far (I will get more than a preview of Act III Wednesday, I’m sure).

As far as classes go, I was a bit lethargic at the barre today, and really struggled during petite allegro.

But the final combination I acquitted myself quite well, which is amazing considering I normally struggle with one of the steps in the combination. It was a four-pique turn, balance turn, ton be couple jete combination in a horseshoe.

I never have been able to get the ton be coupe jete part.

That was until today.

The not so quality photo was from the theater tonight,


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