Everything was beautiful at the ballet

This really isn’t about the song, but there is a line that really is true for me.

The ballet studio is home for me.

It’s a home I didn’t visit as often as I would have liked since Christmas break.

But I’m finally getting back in a ballet-groove with classes Thursday, Saturday and today in addition to rehearsal on Saturday.

I didn’t realize how much of a boost ballet gives me until I stopped giving in to the fatigue of long work and college hours and started forcing myself to really get back to class.

Going to class refreshes me mentally. It’s restoring my energy physically.

And it’s been flat out fun spending time with what really is my ballet family.

Among the tidbits from today’s class from Mr. O:

Two things make a dancer: Technique and movement quality.

We worked on movement quality today, how we should look in our transition steps, in arm movements, walking.

Sometimes we get so caught up with technique we become mechanical, at least that’s been my problem.

I needed to have that lesson thrown at me today. My part in Sleeping Beauty doesn’t have a whole lot of dance steps. But there is a movement quality that is needed.

And that’s what I’ve liked about the three classes I’ve attended since Thursday. Each have had a different theme, from body alignment, to proper technique to movement quality.

And one of the cooler things is that I’ve noticed I haven’t beaten myself up on what I struggle at, or things I can’t do that I should be able to do.

I think I’m finally learning really just to enjoy class.

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