Body alignment-Thursday

Between a new computer system at work and college work projects, I have been a slack in going to the morning open classes during the week.

It’s been a constant battle between the want to sleep in and the want to move.

Forced myself out of bed early to go to the Thursday open class I haven’t attended at all this semester.

It was well worth it.

Mentally, I needed it after working 12-hour days and during my off days, going all out doing college projects.

Ms. O subbed yesterday. You get either a move and push you to the limits class from her, or a teaching class.

It ended up as a teaching class.

She teaches more about body alignment more than any teacher I have.

And since there were only eight of us in class, each one of us pretty much got corrections.

A bad habit I have? Pushing my elbow past my shoulders when arms are in second when I’m at the barre.

She usually gives very good pointers on posture, and line (which is important to my Sleeping Beauty role).

And she is good at diagnosing problems with turning.

Case in point: When I doing pirouettes, sometimes I’m trying to go across my body, almost fighting the turn. It’s better to use my turnout (she says I have more than I think) and plieing more (especially with the working leg).

And not use my arms to steer, which I try to do a lot.

My pirouettes were actually smoother yesterday, although my inability to spot continues to hinder me. I stay up long enough long enough to do triples and beyond, but not being able to spot properly limits me.

And it’s a mystery on why I can’t seem to do it. I have no problem spotting when doing chaine turns and pique turns. But spotting while doing pirouettes, turns from second and the occasional foutee is beyond me right now.

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