Finally, ballet normalcy

Saturday class, costume fitting and rehearsal.

It’s been a while since my Saturdays have had anything like that on the agenda, thanks to school work, sickness and a brutal work schedule.

I made my return to Mrs. O’s Saturday class for the first time since Christmas. God how I’ve missed it.

It was physical. I was sloppy because I’ve missed more classes than I’ve made since Christmas break.

But it was really fun. Barre was doable. My pirouettes sucked (but that usually happens when I’m back in the routine). I actually fared reasonably well during one of the petite allegro combinations. The other, not so much (the combination of sissones and brises threw me off).

Mrs. O’s grande allegro combination once again was pretty cool, although the foute after the tour jete on the left side didn’t really process well, But it was really fun trying to execute it.

Between class and rehearsal was the costume fitting I finally was able to make for my part in Sleeping Beauty..

Interesting exchange with the wardrobe mistress.

Wardrobe mistress: Are you shrinking?

Me: Pardon?

Wardrobe mistress: Have you lost weight?

Me (thinking): Either this is a positive side effect of having the flu a couple of weeks ago, or my Dr. Pepper diet is working better than I thought!

Evidently, my measurements were smaller than they were for Nutcracker or Cinderella last spring.

The batteries aren’t working on my scales, so I have no idea if I’ve lost weight or not. But it’s nice to have someone ask you if you’ve lost weight.

Finally, it was fun to actually begin rehearsing for my minor part. Not much dancing to it as far as I know. It’s mainly character. And there is a lot more to it than what we rehearsed today.

But it was cool to see Act 1 coming together.

Can’t wait for next week. It’s nice to finally get back in a routine.

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