Sissones … you want me to demonstrate that?

Nothing like demonstrating a step you’re not very good at.

That’s especially true in a class with two-thirds company kids and the rest recreating adults.

Mr. O asked me to demonstrate a two sissones, Fi-e (don’t ask me how to spell it, but I can show you), assemble’s combination. Have I mentioned my sissones (probably misspelled) have not been very good lately.

Ask me to demonstrate something I can do, please!

But seriously folks, actually they were better today than they have a while. So maybe it was OK to be the one demonstrating.

And petite allegro also went well, It was nothing fancy. Glissade, jete (right), glissade, jete (left), coupe, pas de bouree, changement, changement, repeat in opposite direction,

I actually made it through going in the right direction and with music.

My pirouettes were a bit messy today, and I was a bit wobbly today during adagio at centre. Finding my balance proved to be a challenge after barre.

But all and all, it was a good class.

And I’m still looking forward to what I’ve got in store for Sleeping Beauty. My part hasn’t been rehearsed yet.

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