Respect for women: Why a boy should take ballet

I’ve found myself on the sidelines on some interesting “Should Christian women were yoga pants or leggings” in public debates.

While I’ve found a lot of the comments a bit amusing … I was stunned by some of the comments from some of the other guys who were sharing their opinions about a question asked by a very sincere, well meaning friend of mine who asked whether it was OK to wear yoga pants in public.

She’s a fitness freak who went from 320 pounds to about 130 pounds in a year’s time and appeared on the Today Show because of her amazing drive to get fit for her two kids.

When you’re a guy who has been in ballet classes as a kid and as an adult, yoga pants on a friend doing leisure activities doesn’t really seem all that extreme or immodest.

Basically, I was in the minority of her Christian guy friends who said it was OK. Maybe not to work or church, but for a day in the park with the kids and a quick trip to the store … no big deal to me if you’re totally comfortable wearing something like that.

Apparently, I was wrong. Apparently men have a “lust” problem and women should dress accordingly to keep men from falling into “lust,”

Look, I’m not advocating for women to wear immodest clothing or any that would send some type of inappropriate message. But comments like the ones I read seemed creepily like something out of the Taliban manual.

What is wrong with wearing something you’re absolutely comfortable wearing when you’re out doing some time of leisure activity?

And what does ballet have to do with this issue?

When you take a coed ballet class when you’re young, and its one with a strict dress code, if we’re honest, little is left to the imagination on both sides of the coin. For new kids, I know it can feel awkward (it was that way for me, especially since I was the only boy at first).

But the more you go to class, the more comfortable you become. And because of the structure of a ballet class, you learn to respect your classmates, their feelings, their bodies. And that is especially true for a boy in a partnering class, where building respect and trust are of the utmost importance. I know it was a learning experience for me.

It’s hard to find a place anywhere else in the modern times we live where you’re taught a certain etiquette, how to be a gentleman around a lady like you do in ballet, especially at schools were male students aren’t that much of an oddity.

I admit I received a refresher when I plunged back into class as an adult as they only guy in a class full of soccer moms a few years ago. They helped redefine my definition of beauty.

3 responses to “Respect for women: Why a boy should take ballet

  • beginningballet

    You’re exactly right. What any human being chooses to wear is no one elses business but their own. Policing what people wear is such a petty thing to do. Millions of children are starving to death and dying from preventable diseases, and these people are concerning themselves with a woman wearing leggings (or anything else) because it’s what she’s comfortable in? Please. Live and let live.

  • Kim

    I’m not a man, but if I was I think I would be insulted by the idea of having a “lust problem.” I’m pretty sure that people can take responsibility and behave appropriately for themselves, without blaming the opposite sex for dressing too provocatively. Responsibility for yourself.

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