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Theater week is here

Hard to believe we’re one day away from our performances.

Dress rehearsal is tonight. That’s after a spacing rehearsal on Sunday, Act II tech rehearsal Monday and Act I tech rehearsal last night.

I have to admit I’m always a little nervous when we hit the theater, but I think most of the butterflies went away during spacing rehearsal for Chinese on Sunday.

Monday was the most physical of the rehearsals, but the most fun. We ran through Chinese three times, and the finale. We also went over our Nutty Nutcracker finale dance a couple of times … aka the evolution of dance. I was beat when it was over, but it was fun.

Last night was brutal. Don’t get me wrong, loved rehearsing the party scene. But I am in a harness, moving the magical bed, during the battle scene. My knees took a pounding with all of the stopping of the music.

I slept in this morning rather than going to a 10 a.m. open class. My body needed the extra sleep to recover. Company warmup is at 6 tonight, followed by dress rehearsal, which is scheduled to last until 10:30 p.m.

Curtain is up at 9:30 tomorrow for the first of eight shows in four days, counting the Nutty Nutcracker performance Sunday night. What little free time I have this week is about to disappear.

I’ve included photos of the stage, my dressing room (it was empty Monday since I share the dressing room with the rest of the party dads, but I am the only one who is in Act II, and the only one with a costume change).

I’ve also included photos from our last week in the studio.