Dancing on empty

My biggest challenge this year isn’t going for that extra pirouette.

It’s not improving my technique or musicality.

Don’t get me wrong, those are still among my ballet goals.

Because of added stress and college classes, my biggest challenge lately as been having enough energy to dance.

Lately, I’ve slept in more after a rough late night at work. It’s the drawback of taking a morning open class when work until almost midnight.

I slept in on Monday after performance weekend even though my small part was not very difficult.

I practically forced myself to go to dance Wednesday. I need to get serious and get back into shape. I have two very physical Nutcracker roles that I’m not even close to being in shape for.

My mind was tired. Barre was a blur. And the beginning of centre work, things were a bit sloppy. You could say almost the entire class was a sloppy one.

We ended class with an interesting petite allegro combination. We were divided into partners … and mine was a fellow recreational adult dancer whose ability is close to mine.

The combination included glissade jetes in opposite directions, then coming back, then facing each other going in the same direction, and then royales facing front … and then doing the combination with the other person to our backs.

Not a good combination when your mind is much. But my partner was a good sport. And somehow, we were able to do it somewhat correctly after a few tries (which received applause).

The amazing thing is that once the class was done, I felt amazing, tired, but mentally refreshed.

Hence my struggle.

I love ballet. It’s fun. And I always feel refreshed when I’m done with class.

But getting out of bed after a long day of both college classes and work seems to be getting harder and harder to accomplish.

I lost that struggle this morning. I skipped class. I have a challenging election guide to put together in a couple of hours inside my office cubicle.

And all I can think about is how much fun I missed out on in not going to class.

Well, no sleeping in next Saturday.

Nutcracker rehearsals for my parts begin next weekend.

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