It’s about to get really busy

I’m not a fan of the fall break concept on the school calendar.

Our ballet school follows the local calendar. While I know people nowadays seem to be enamored with taking a break this early in the school year, it was something unheard of when I was a kid. We turned out OK.

My real problem with fall break? No ballet for a week just when things are starting to amp up. But maybe it comes at a good time. We’re about to get hit with a ton of rehearsal time.

The pre-pro school where I take class added a fall performance a few years ago. This year we’re doing The Firebird as the main attraction along with a few contemporary pieces from the company.

I’ve got a small part in Firebird. I play a priest in the wedding scene at the end, a small part I’ve done the last two times we’ve done it. We’ve got four shows October 24-26, three weeks away.

And that’s on top of Nutcracker rehearsals, where my parts are a little more extensive in the party scene, battle scene and the Chinese dance in Act 2.

Yeah, things are about to get really intense.

Classes are going OK. I’m not beating myself over the head on things I struggle with like I used to. Just enjoying being in class during what has been a stressful time with finances and college classes on top of a very difficult work schedule.

I really haven’t danced enough to suit me.

Oh yeah, the photo with this entry? It’s from Firebird rehearsal. Took it as part of a photo project I have for a college class I’m taking.rehearsal

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