Ballet class therapy

I’ve said it a few times before, but ballet class is a refuge for me.

Because of the stresses of life, making it to class has been a little harder.

It’s tough to crawl out of bed when you’ve pulled the double of going to college class in the morning and working at a newspaper at night.

I’ve been stressed financially because of the problems with the newspaper industry. I’m constantly exhausted.

So the fight between staying in bed or going to a morning ballet class has been more of a struggle this year than I can ever remember.

But the outcome is the same when ballet class wins out.

I’m always glad I made it to class.

There is nothing like getting the body moving to work through the stress.

I love barre. It’s where I wake up.

But center work is heaven for me. There’s nothing like combinations that move me across the floor.

Grande allegro is my strength, and I can do them all day.

But to be honest, in times of stress, the flowy, “pretty” combinations are what I live for … the balance’s, the waltz turns, the slow pirouettes.

I could get lost doing them.

I don’t know if it’s right for a guy to say … but on a stressful day … there is nothing like feeling graceful and doing something beautiful and calming to slow things down.

Ballet class is a refuge that I’m really fully appreciating this fall more than ever.Ballet Class 1


3 responses to “Ballet class therapy

  • Kristen Gillette

    What do you do in the newspaper industry? Those of us in the failing media industry need to stick together (I’m a reporter for a tiny nonprofit website).

  • growingupasitgoes

    I’m with you on that one…Just in reverse. I have class one of the times in the evening -9PM and it’s always a struggle to get myself to it after I have worked/studied all day…But once I’m there, no matter if the class goes good or bad, all the other things fall away completely. So I’m always happy that I went

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