Never forget the fun of ballet

I have a bad habit of looking at things that I did badly in class.

And Saturday was a mess.

Saute basque turns were horrible. My brain just completely shut down on a doable petite allegro combination.

Don’t get me started on my pirouettes.

But even with all of that … I had fun.

Sure, I want to get better. It would be nice to wow my teachers and my much younger classmates.

But keeping things in perspective … I’m not looking to dance professionally.

That ship sailed without me years ago.

I’m way to old … and have a ful-ltime job … to even think about being a member of the pre-pro company, which consists mainly of kids 13-18, with the exception of a couple of 20-somethings.

I still get cool parts in company productions.

So why beat myself up?

I’m in it for the fun.

There is nothing like dancing full out in a combination, even if it isn’t fundamentally correct.

I’m an adult recreational dancer. I’m 48 years old.

Yes, I want to look good when I’m performing on stage.

But when I’m in class, I’m there for the fun.

And I need to remember that.


5 responses to “Never forget the fun of ballet

  • Kim

    “I’m in it for the fun.” Great reminder to most athletes!

  • Himiyu

    Such A Good Point in various ways ( even outside of Ballet). I have yet to take a Ballet class and I am already worried about not doing exercises/ movements right..and just wanting to do an exceptional job though I certainly am too old for a professional career! But I know I’ll have to remind myself, god willing, that when I get there, that I am there to have fun. Doesn’t mean I won’t strive to be the best that I can but it’ll help my mind be where it should be which will make the experience even better! God Bless 🙂

    • JustScott

      The cool thing about just starting is that you can relax and have fun. You’ll get corrections. Just don’t be hard on yourself. Ballet is fun, but is very hard to do. Even the pros have to keep working on technique.

  • The Lite Rider

    Such a great reminder. For all activities/disciplines. One can’t help but “want to be good”. But keeping the perspective you have is crucial. I lost that perspective in figure skating, but regained it in riding (which is another activity in which there is no hope of being a professional). Sometimes one’s fun comes from technique, other times it comes from just being. Great entry. (And all the instructors I have known, in dance, in riding, and in skating have taken lessons to continue to have someone else’s eyes on their technique!)

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