Monthly Archives: July 2014

Missing the tights

<p>It seems like an odd title for a blog.</p>
<p>But my dance journey this summer has been an odd one, not quite what I was hoping.</p>
<p>As I’ve shared in previous blogs, I’ve been taking classes at a new studio. I had planned to take classes at my regular studio this summer, too.<br />
Then, a budget crisis changed those plans.<br />
I work in the not so stable newspaper industry. We’ve been forced to take unpaid furlough days, which hit hard on the paycheck and force a few decisions to tighten the belt, budget-wise.<br />
Translation: I dance when I can, not when I want to.<br />
I’ve already paid for the classes at the new studio. It’s also about 15 miles closer, which cuts down on the trips to the gas pump.<br />
As I’ve mentioned before, I take adult classes there. I appreciate the adult camraderie in the jazz and ballet classes I take.<br />
And the jazz class is growing on me because of the choreography at the end of class.<br />
But the ballet class is too basic. Both classes, really, are too informal.<br />
Because we rarely spend time in center and don’t really do combinations, it doesn’t seem like a real ballet class.<br />
Translation: I miss the ballet classes at my regular studio.<br />
I hope to take an open class there tomorrow. It’s more than halfway through their summer session, so I plan on just taking drop-in classes.<br />
As far as the title of this blog, the dress code at the new place for adults is loose. The women wear yoga pants, warm-up pants, shorts.<br />
And I’ve never felt comfortable conforming to code when others are not. I’m not a dance attire rebel<br />
Although they aren’t strict with adults at the regular school, the attire is more dancer-attire.<br />
And I miss that.<br />
Because to me, it’s an example of how serious they take ballet classes.<br />
And I miss going full-out in ballet. Jazz has been fun, but it is not my dance love.<br />
Ballet is my dance love.<br />
I miss pulling on my tights and dancing full out.<br />
I’ve worn warmups and shorts at the new place, and that’s comfortable.<br />
But, in a way, I feel like it’s restricting my movement.<br />
Hence the title to my blog.<br />
I want to dance ballet full out. I want to feel free in my movement.<br />
So yeah, I miss my tights.</p>