The Russian experience

My experiment with new studios took a surprising new turn today.

A friend of mine, who used to be the top male dancer at my regular school, teaches hip-hop at a studio that’s known for ballroom classes.

I had every intention of taking his class this afternoon. But I also wanted to try the Pilates and ballet classes taught by another former teacher at my regular school … Madame Vaganova (my name for her because of the academy she trained at).

I had her once as a sub, years ago. The arms and the accent were confusing.

The main reason I wanted to take her classes was because of her Pilates reputation. Everyone I know who has taken Pilates from her said she was tough.

They weren’t kidding. We used hoops, rubber balls and therabands. I was winded pretty early, basically wiped out by the end of a one-hour class.

But I stuck around, winded as I was, for her basic ballet class. It was interesting, Her terminology was a little different (actually the same as Melissa B, who also learned Vaganova style). I was winded the whole time from Pilates.

And the class was a bit unusual, a mixture of teens and adults. The guys outnumbered the girls. I can’t ever remember that happening,

I’m not in the kind of shape I need to be in. I paid the price for the time off.

The neat thing about this studio? It’s drop-in, no registration. $10 per class, except for beginning hip-hop, which is a cheap $5.

I was, however, too wiped out to take the hip-hop class,

My arms, my shoulders, my abs and my thighs still ache.

I have a day to recover before Monday’s danceapalooza. I’ll be returning to my regular studio for an open class in the morning for the first time in almost a month. It will be interesting to see if they missed me.

And then I’ll return in the afternoon to the other studio for ballet and jazz.



One response to “The Russian experience

  • RO

    That’s not expensive! Love it!
    Also, we have vaganova at our ballet studio. Balanchine and cachetti confuse me, haha! Good to hear you are getting your groove back.

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