When a dance comes together …

I’ll have to admit I was a little nervous heading into Monday night’s class.

Because tornadoes came ripping through our state last Monday (yet another wonderful, horrifying perk of living in the South), we didn’t have class.

So it had been two weeks since we rehearsed our school sketch down, and there was a part I really wasn’t sure of. And the ending hadn’t entirely been worked out. And we had only three class times to get it down before the school show at the end of this month.

Other than our dance ending poses, which we’ll work on next week, we knocked it our last night. And for the most part, I feel good about it. I need to work on the transition from a little jazz slide step at the end of two sissones to the side to two saute basques that go straight back, but other than that, I’m good, that is if I can remember which leg to step and grande jete on after we do a tour jete in the middle of the dance (step with the leg in back, leap with the leg facing the audience), but my timing is there.

I really want to dance well. This is my chance to prove to myself I can dance. And my chance to prove to others, I can, too. And the family will be watching.

Then add the fact that this is an opportunity to expose dance to people who might not otherwise come to a dance performance if they weren’t there to see their cute 5-year-old daughter, grand-daughter or niece and nephew look cute in the little dance they’re in despite how they mess up.

Dawn C. reminded us the school show should be taken as seriously as the company performances of the Nutcracker and Cinderella are. The school show is free, unlike company performances, and people are their to see their family members perform, but you wouldn’t otherwise get them through the door for the ballet.

And, of course, it’s pretty much a one-shot deal. Unlike Nutcracker, where we perform seven times, or Cinderella, where we performed three times, we’ll perform this dance only once, unless we are asked to perform it on both nights of the school show. They haven’t posted the schedule yet.

So it’s get it right the first time. There may not be another chance to get it right.

No pressure, huh? But seriously, it’s a fun dance.

It’s also pretty cardio so I’m trying to build up some stamina. When you rehearse it four times straight in class, you’re feeling a little winded and out of energy … or at least I am.

5 responses to “When a dance comes together …

  • The Dancing Rider

    You will do it. And absolutely it should be taken seriously. Why else do it?! Great news on you guys nailing it, especially after class having been canceled. Very good on your timing as well! Good luck to all dancers, ENJOY. Merde!

  • RO

    Brrr those tornadoes were all over the news here in The Netherlands.. so sad to watch!
    You’ll do fine!! Come on, believe in yourself! We all know that you are able to dance, you dance with freaking company kids for crying out loud! And I too get winded when practicing an entire dance 4 times in a row.. you’re only human 😉

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