Monthly Archives: April 2014

Back from the break

Spring break was supposed to be a restful time. No college classes. No dance classes.

All I had to do was sleep in and go to work (of which I worked six-straight days).

To be honest, I had the “blahs” all week long.

It made me realize how much dance picks me up. After going to rehearsal yesterday, and going to class tonight, I feel amazingly refreshed, It was what I needed.

We’re putting the finishing touches on Cinderella. We hit theater next week.

I’ve had my costume fitting, I got these loud green nickers over black tights. And an old brown jacket with tails. With my wig, I look like a cross between a giant leprechaun and Benjamin Franklin as the hairdresser of “wig master.”

I think I have my part down. We give a private performance to contributors to the arts community a week from Friday and then that Saturday, it’s curtain up for two shows. Hard to believe it’s almost here. We’ve been rehearsing since January. The time has flown.

But I believe I’m more excited about our school sketch dance at the end of May. It’s the most extensive dance I’ve ever been in. It’s got a lot of cool steps from tour jetes, to pirouettes, to sissonnes (It has adagio, petite allegro and grande allegro parts).

I’ve got the steps we’ve gone over so far, although they could be cleaner. But I am in time with the music. We found tonight there will be more added to the dance. Up until now, I’ve done basically the same steps the girls do. Apparently, the dance ends with the girls dancing around me while I’m doing different steps (almost like doing a solo). That’s a little scary, but it is a very fun dance.

On the wardrobe front, the new tights worked out great. They allowed me to wear my leather shoes with holes instead of my new canvas pair. The canvas pair I believe might be a size too big. They bunch a lot, which has made it tough to do turns.

My old, old, reliable sized right leather shoes were awesome tonight. No bunching, my turns felt good. Nothing impeded me at all.