School sketch dance simplified … somewhat

The stressing I did over a potential solo part of our piece with a dance step that I’m somewhat sloppy will not come to pass.

Our Monday teacher, Dawn C., tweaked a couple of parts of our dance, including the ending, which was put in place today.

Instead of doing jete, coupe, assemble while the girls break apart and do their own thing, we end up forming a circle. We expand the circle with two pique turns, two saute basque turns and two envelope’ turns, and then reverse it to shrink the circle … the girls end up doing ballet runs in a circle while I ended up doing two changements and an echape about six times.

Wished I could describe the rest of the dance leading up to that point, but there are so many elements involved.

We went over the dance about four times tonight. It is an intense cardio piece and I am a bit worn out. The seven girls I’m in the piece with are in much better shape than I! It was the most cardio of a workout I’ve had in a while … I am not complaining, I needed it.

We have four more classes to get the piece down before the school show. I’m feeling a lot more confident about this piece than the hip hop piece I was in the last time I was in the school show a couple of years ago,

My costume for this piece is really a throwback to another time. I’ve got to get jazz pants and a black t-shirt. I haven’t worn jazz pants since I took jazz when I was 16.

It really is a fun piece. I’m really looking forward to it,


2 responses to “School sketch dance simplified … somewhat

  • RO

    Woohooo Jazz Pantzzzz!! I hope your piece will go well! It sounds like you worked hard to get it all right and you are really looking forward to it. Merde!!

  • The Dancing Rider

    Love the costume :). Can’t wait to hear your report on this dance. It really does sound like a lot of fun. (I would be really tired after all those run throughs!)

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