Ten questions, Ten answers


This questionnaire.comes from an amazing blog at http://pointetilyoudrop.blogspot.com/. Thought I’d take a few minutes to answer one of my own.

1. What is your favorite time for ballet class? 

The time I usually can’t take class, at night. I have one night class, Monday from 5-6:30. I love having a night class to wrap up a stressful day. I sleep better following a night class. But I do love my morning classes, a good way to start the day.

2. How many classes do you take on a weekly basis?

Between three and four classes a week. I’d prefer four, but college classes have cut into my dancing. I have done as many as five per week.

3. What do you eat before class?

Before my morning classes, a light breakfast such as a bowl of cereal, or something on a biscuit. I always eat a light snack like banana or trail mix before a night class. Can’t dance on a full stomach, but I need fuel. Supper comes after class.

4. What’s inside your ballet bag?

Three pairs of tights, two dance belts, two pairs of ballet shoes, jazz shoes, two t-shirts, two pairs of sweat pants, a comb and deodorant. I seem to be packing more these days than I used to.

5. How do you prepare for class?

Basically, I take a few minutes to stretch before class. That’s pretty much the ritual.

6. What’s your favorite part of class?

I love all of it, but seriously, it’s grande allegro. It’s my strength, it’s where I get to fly, and any combination that gets us dancing across the floor.

7. What’s your biggest challenge in class?

My turns. My double pirouettes aren’t consistent, and I’ve only done one triple, and in the years I’ve been dancing, I should be able to do more. Also need work on the transition steps.

8. What is your level?

Pretty much intermediate, although I find myself in advanced classes because of the lack of adult intermediate students at our school. Because of the varying degrees of what you’ll find in our beginning open classes … I find myself the remedial one in company level classes. I can do what they do most of the time, just not as technically clean.

9. Describe a “moment” you had in class.

It usually comes when I nail a combination I didn’t think I can do. Or when my turns are spot on and the teacher notices it.

10. What is it that you love about taking ballet class? 

I’ve heard others mention it. When I’m at the studio, I’m home. It sets me free mentally. I can’t really describe it. There’s no greater feeling than to be in a combination that you have down, and you want to do the combination over and over. In a class like that, you don’t want the feeling to end. Really, I could write an entire book on what I love about class.

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