It’s theater week!

Today is sort of the calm before the storm, a chill day.

It is the only day since Friday where I don’t have ballet class or rehearsal between now and our performances Friday night and Saturday morning.

As was the case with Nutcracker, the head of the theater department at the university where I take classes has been brought in as production manager, and with that came changes at this past weekend’s rehearsals. I’ve now got more to do with my character role, which I don’t mind. It makes it more fun to do.

This weekend’s rehearsals were more intense, as they usually during our last rehearsals before hitting the theater. Sunday’s rehearsal was a half-dress rehearsal. I wore my jacket and pants to see how I moved in them (I have yet to put on the wig, that and the makeup won’t come on until dress rehearsal on Thursday).

Things will pick up tomorrow. I’ve got two rehearsals at the theater. I’ll be rushing from my graphic design class to the first one in the early afternoon, a scene rehearsal. Then, we do the full run through tomorrow night, and then a run-through Wednesday before dress rehearsal on Thursday, followed by shows on Friday and Saturday.

We’ve been rehearsing since January. Hard to believe Cinderella performance week is finally here.

Class-wise, Saturday’s class was fun, but challenging. The guest artist who is playing the prince taught the class. He gave some very challenging combinations, and he’s from Latin America, so there was a bit of a language barrier. But I hung in there, and really like his class a lot.

Other than warmups, there will only be two classes this week, Thursday morning and Saturday morning before our matinee show. They’ll be more the laid back, therapeutic kind, but I don’t mind.

Even though I’ve taken off work like I usually do, production can be tiring. And that’s especially the case since my college classes are still going on, and I’ve got projects to work on with the end of the semester fast approaching.

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