When I dance, I am free

A simple combination during rehearsal Monday night for our school sketch rehearsal reminded me of why I love dance so much.

It’s that moment when you lose yourself in the music and feel like your soaring.

The combination was a grande allegro combination, the type I could do all night.

Pique, chasse’ tour jete, step, grande jete, step, grande jete, change direction and repeat, pas de bouree, glissade, Russian pas de chat on the left, then repeat on the right.

Physically, it felt amazing. Mentally even more so.

I have to admit the past two years of going to school along with working has been mentally taxing. It’s cut down on my dancing, I’ve gone from dancing four and five days a week to three (and this week, two).

My day seems out of sync when I’m not dancing. It’s harder to shake the “blah” kind of day that goes along with going to school all morning, and then spending eight hours in an office cubicle.

Ballet is my escape.

And as much as I love barre, the classes that free me the most are the ones where you come away from the barre and really move, and really dance.

Having not danced since Monday and waiting for Saturday’s class and rehearsal has reminded me how much I need dance mentally.

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