Requiem of a Dream

That is the song we are doing our school show (recital) dance to.

Dawn C. revealed that to us tonight, as well as additional steps for the dance. The song is from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

For the most part. I thought I did OK.

As far as classes go as a whole, I had my best Monday night class of the year.

I’m beginning to get used to the combinations and the terminology.

And got praise twice, first with a pas de bouree, brisem brise combination during petite allegro. First time I believe I’ve ever gotten praise for any combination involving a brise.

Also got praise during a pique turn-chaine turn combination.

It was a fun class. The combinations were a bit simple for Monday night, but I am not complaining.

We concluded it with a fun chasse’ tour tour jete, pas de bouree turn, repeat chasse tour jete from the other side combination that I figured out early.

And this week appears to be a light one on the Cinderella rehearsal front. Act 2 scenes are taking priority, and so far, I’m only in Act 1.

With the work and school load this week, I’m cool with the lighter load.


2 responses to “Requiem of a Dream

  • RO

    Nice class! Those combinations are a lot of fun to do. That song is gorgeous by the way! I’m curious to see what the performance will look like!

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