Just ballet class today

Sometimes you get the ballet class you really need.

That was the case for me today.

I hadn’t danced since Monday, so I was looking forward to a kick in the pants type of class.

It turned out to be a little different.

Mrs. O gives you really two types of classes. Some days she really pushes you. On others, she really teaches you.

Today was more of a teaching class, and the theme was her specialty, body alignment.

She was a more hands on today than I’ve seen in a while. I think everyone of us got some form of individual correction, and there were about 20 of us today.

She gave us a killer barre stretch today to reinforce what she was teaching.

Her combinations were a bit simple today. I was a little sloppy and my turns weren’t there (I blame the layoff on that), but I could do every step and combination thrown at us today. Of all the teachers I have, she is the one who shows and explains steps the clearest. It is why I think her class is my favorite … and unlike today … she doesn’t really give us easy combinations.

And more often than not, she is the one who gives us the funnest grande allegro combinations. Today’s was fairly easy: Saute (fi-e) glissade, assemble, pique, chasse,  tour jete, saute (fi-e), glissade, saute chat, step, saute chat, step, saute chat.

Even on a relaxed day like today, she always pushes us to go a little higher on our jumps.

Today was a no-pressure day. There were no rehearsals to follow class. Mr. O doesn’t get back from Texas until tomorrow.

I’m sure the rehearsals and the intensity will return this week, but the schedule hasn’t been posted yet.

While I love to be pushed, today was just a really enjoy ballet kind of day.


One response to “Just ballet class today

  • The Dancing Rider

    Sounds like a great class. And a nice break, though not easy! I find alignment issues really difficult…. Love the sound of that grand allegro!

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