An unexpected snow break

A snowfall in Alabama is like an unexpected holiday.

People around here go a little crazy when it happens … well … because sometimes we go years without seeing more than flurries (unless you count ballerinas at the end of Act I of Nutcracker).

We had an a threat earlier this year that ended up canceling classes, but it never came.

That wasn’t the case this week.

I was already expecting a lighter dance week. Mr. O is in San Antonio helping a professional company with their production of The Firebird. I skipped Saturday morning’s class because of a cold, but went to Cinderella rehearsal later in the day.

That was our last one with Mr. O out of town.

Still, I expected to at least get three or four classes in this week.

Turns out Monday night’s class was the only one until at least tomorrow or Saturday.

I’m still finding my way in that class. We went steps for the variation we’re going to perform in the school show at the end of the year. Oh boy, are they a challenge.

I still struggled with other combinations we did in class, but got praise for how I did during the adagio combination, which is not that easy (we’re on one foot it seems through about 90 percent of the combination).

And I finally figured out a challenging step that has been driving me crazy most of the school year … after we finished the combination.

I’ll admit, I’ve gone through a depressed “am I really going to achieve my goals?” period the last few days leading up to the class, and was looking forward to today’s class.

Then, the snow came.

It has snowed off and one between Tuesday morning and early this morning.

We ended up with about 7 inches of snow, which for the South is like getting a foot. Everything shuts down, except for my job. We could have had a little more, but the temperature went above freezing for a few hours yesterday, and snow turned to rain right in the middle before changing back into heavier snowfall.

At least with college classes canceled, I’ve gotten to sleep in before work.

But with the snow, there has been ballet, and I really miss class.

I could go to the open class tomorrow that is really slow and only adults (I’m actually in the middle age-wise).

Or, I can sleep in and go full force in the Saturday morning class with the company crew, which is my favorite class.Image




One response to “An unexpected snow break

  • RO

    Good thing that you finally got that tough combination! If I were you I’d go full blaze with the company class on Saturday 😉 Let the snow just be a lucky strike in an otherwise busy and non-sleeping-in week! 😉

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