That moment when you nail your music cues and your dance steps

It happened tonight during Cinderella rehearsal.

I pretty much figured out my music cues during rehearsals earlier in the week, but my dance steps and timing on a couple of my character duties had been a little hit and miss.

I was spot on tonight.

I really feel good about how I’m doing in my role. I probably haven’t been as much of a “Diva” as the hairdresser as I need to be in a comedic role. I’ve been perhaps playing it a little too straight (no pun intended), but Mr. O says he’s pleased with what I’ve done.

We’ve about have Act I put together. I’ve had rehearsal seven of the last 10 days, which is the most for me at the start of rehearsal. Usually it’s once a week until tech. But we’ve already put in a lot of work and the performances are still a way off, on April 12th.

Part of the reason things have been intense this early is that Mr. O is helping a professional company in Texas stage The Firebird in a couple of weeks, and he wanted to get enough put together before he left.

There is still Act II to put together, which I’m sure will take priority when he returns. I’m not scheduled to be in the second act, but things are really still fluid, so who knows?

Class-wise, I think I had one of my better ones tonight, It was not one of my regular classes, but since I took off work for rehearsal, I dropped in on the company class right before rehearsal.

My turns finally seem to be coming back. And I think my inside turns were much better. Petite allegro was a bit tricky, and my feet still look awful during brises, but for the most part, it was a good, solid, fun class.


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