And now a recital dance …

We were in for a little surprise Monday night class that I’m in.

I had my fourth Cinderella rehearsal in five days earlier in the day for performances coming up in April. I’ve been in company spring performances before.

Our school also has school sketches at the end of May where classes perform recital pieces. The company and open ballet classes I take normally don’t participate in it because the concentration is normally on the company’s spring performances. The only time I’ve been in  a recital dance was a hip-hop piece a couple of years ago.

Our teacher informed us tonight that we’ll be performing a recital piece. It will be interesting, because this is the class that I struggle in most. It is the class in which I am least in my comfort zone, the only adult and only male dancer in a class of teenage company girls.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of dance we’ll be doing.

This is the class, I’ll be honest, where I need the biggest confidence boost. I am still reliant on my better dancing classmates, but a lot of company leaders are not in this class. To be honest, the majority of the girls in this class are really close to my level.

Combinations I usually nail in other classes, I struggled with tonight. Our petite allegro was a variation from Giselle … glissade, assemble’, sissone, sissone, glissade, assemble’, pas de chat, pas de chat. I’ve done it before, but for some reason struggled tonight.

I can dance so much better than I did tonight. I can dance so much better than I’ve shown in this class. I need to prove it.

How can I be excelling in Cinderella rehearsal and not be able to do things in this class?

One response to “And now a recital dance …

  • RO

    You will!! Give it some time. Just try to think of it as if you are in the other class or in a rehearsal of Cinderella. You can do it 🙂

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