The Sunshine Award

I’d like to thank all of you who nominated me. And don’t really know 10 people to nominate (since most of the ones I know have already been nominated by others).

But I will do the 10 Things about Me. So here goes:

1. I am a copy editor-page designer for two newspapers.

2. I am pursuing a second degree in art studio-graphic design.

3. Cinderella will be the sixth ballet I’ve performed in. I’ve been in The Nutcracker about seven times. I’ve also had parts in Romeo and Juliet, Firebird, Dracula and Billy the Kid.

4. I was bit by a Brown Recluse spider once, so like Disney, I can’t stand the creatures. Yeah, I’m scared of them. But I still kill them … because I’m a dad and that’s what we do.

5. I want to drive cross country to California.

6. I found out my great-grandmother was Jewish during Christmas Eve dinner … while we were eating ham.

7. The ballet studio is my favorite place on earth, even over the beach or the mountains.

8. My dream vacation would be a trip to Italy to tour the sites of ancient Rome and Renaissance buildings and works of art.

9. I have two wonderful kids who love me, a son and a daughter (this should probably be No. 1 on the list).

10. I’ve become addicted to the TV show “The Walking Dead.”

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