Ballet confession: I love “pretty” combinations

“Ballet is Woman” is a phrase used by the late, great George Balanchine.

It’s not entirely correct, even for Balanchine. Even Balanchine choreographed and taught steps that flew in the face of the stereotypes out there for men dancing. Ballet can be, and is, a “guy” thing as much as it is a “girl” thing.

But … there are aspects and dynamics that at times prove Balanchine correct.

You get a different vibe when there is a male teacher, or if there are multiple male dancers in the room.

Be the only male dancer in a room that also includes a female teacher … there are times when your class fits in the “Ballet is Woman” category.

That was the case in the last two classes I took this week, the visit to my old, slower class on Friday, and my Saturday class, where the other two male dancers were “no-shows.”

The classes were a bit on the “girly” side (Dawn C’s class on Monday also fits in that category).

Confession No. 1: I’m cool with that. Before Mr. O arrived, that was my adult ballet world.

Confession No. 2: I like dancy, “pretty” combinations.

Case in point: Pique turn, pique turn, ton be pas de bouree into fifth, then fourth, pirouette. That’s the combination Mr. O’s sister gave us Saturday. It was flowy, showy, but I loved it just the same.

She also gave us a balance’, balance’, balance turn (waltz turn), chaine turns where you went to passe (I can’t really explain the step) into an inside pirouette turn. It felt beautiful, and graceful, and I loved it so.

We did several combinations that were like that in her class.

Ballet was pretty, graceful.

It was a bit girly over the last two days.

Is it weird for me to say that it was OK by me?

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