I’ve been cast in Cinderella!

No, I didn’t get my dream role. I won’t be a stepsister.

I’ll be playing the part of the flamboyant hairdresser. Sounds like it will be a fun role. Can’t wait for rehearsals to begin. We’ll be performing it the weekend of April 12. I think there are four shows.

This will be somewhat of a departure from my previous non-Nutcracker parts (I played a priest in Romeo and Juliet, Firebird and Dracula, and a cowboy in Billy the Kid). I do hope it’s more of a dancing role like the Cowboy in Billy the Kid.

But I am grateful for any role I am asked to play.

Class this week was a bit different. Had my first class with Mr. O on Thursday since the holiday break. His sister taught last week since he was helping a professional company stage Firebird (a very cool ballet if you haven’t seen it). I think because of my congestion, I was a little sluggish, although I thought I did OK. My turns still have not returned.

Since my dance schedule has changed because of college work, I tried one of my original classes today. It’s an open beginning-intermediate class, but none of the company crew were in there, just adults, a lot of the ladies I started dance with as an adult. It was totally weird being one of the younger people in class.

I love ladies in the class and count them as friends, and I love the teacher, who was my original teacher when I started back. She’s a stickler for fundamentals but … the class was way too slow and the combinations too simple.

We did balance’ turns across the floor (nothing else in the combination). I’m thinking to myself, this is way to slow! Then the teacher apologizes for it being to fast! Ugh.

We didn’t really do much dancing across the floor, which is what I live for. We did a lot of things broken down (again I appreciate it for fundamentals), but I like to move!

I may be in there a few more times this semester.

It’ll make me appreciate the Monday, Thursday and Saturday classes with the company kids that much more!


3 responses to “I’ve been cast in Cinderella!

  • The Dancing Rider

    Shows you how much you’ve progressed! 😉 That was a fun read, and congrats on your Cinderalla role! Your turns will be back.

  • Bush Ballerina

    I agree with TDR, how cool to know how far you’ve come! And congrats on the role! That’s awesome. 🙂

  • RO

    Ohhhh I recognize this feeling all too well..! The pace in some classes is just too slow, even though you could appreciate the pace when you just started dancing again.
    How awesome that you are cast in Cinderella!! Good luck with rehearsing, I hope we will get to see some dancing from you! 😉

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