Time to play online order roulette …

I know I’ve said I’ve sworn off buying dancewear online.

But when the dance store you use is no longer reliable as it once was … you give online a try.

I found out during Nutcracker that one of my trusty pairs of tights ended up with a rip in a place where they didn’t need a rip. My other trusty pair is starting to get a hole in a place it doesn’t need a hole.

Both already had holes in the toes, which didn’t go well with leather shoes that had holes in the toe. I ended up getting a canvas pair of shoes, and well, they’re not my favorite shoes I’ve ever had.

So, I ordered a pair of tights online. I’m praying they fit. I’m praying they are opaque, thick and opaque. The reviews claim they are. But we’ll see.

It still boggles the mind why it seems the majority of men’s tights out there are a little “see through.” I can’t believe there are guys who are OK with that.

I also ordered a cheap leather pair of shoes. We’ll see how it goes this time.

As for class itself, I’m beginning to get back into a routine.

I mentioned Monday’s class was pretty rough.

But I ended up with two really good classes back-to-back on Thursday and Saturday morning. Mr. O’s sister taught those as well. They were intense with complicated combinations, but somehow I managed to pick them up.

My turns, though, left a lot to be desired. It seems they disappeared with the holiday break.


7 responses to “Time to play online order roulette …

  • RO

    Oehhhh the online order debacle.. been there, done that! Shoes that were just off, dancewear that was just too big or too small.. good luck with the tights! 😉 I hope they are’t see-through!

    • Dancescribe

      It’s getting much harder than it used to be to buy tights, Capezio got rid of the brand I used to wear and replaced it with a little less opaque brand. And a lot of brands have gotten the same way. Sansha’s about the only brand that’s even near reliable.

  • mercietchatons

    This one time I was desperate for a new pair of pointe shoes for nutcracker. I fitted myself at a store kinda locally that charged a handsome sum of $85+. Ordered the exact same pair online and with shipping it was $65. Returned those suckers as soon as they came in but danced in the pair I bought in store. Hurr hurr. There was literally no difference except for stickers on the outside packaging which I kept for returnable purposes.

    • Dancescribe

      This will be my first experience ordering shoes online. The canvas shoes I bought during Nutcracker haven’t felt right, so I thought why not take a chance on ordering leather?

      • mercietchatons

        I used to love leather as a kid but it’s so restricting especially to my 2nd toe. I like the freedom I get in turns with a canvas shoe. There are several pairs and brands that I hate because of bunching under the ball if the foot. Sansha feel great but when I demi they’re awful! It really is a try and try some more game 😦

      • Dancescribe

        The bunching under the ball of my foot is one of the problems with the canvas pair I have now. I had a pair of canvas I wore until they fell apart that was great, but just my luck, the local store doesn’t carry that brand anymore.

  • The Traveling Dancer

    You seem to be back in the swing of things! 🙂 My second ballet class since break was today and although it wasn’t bad, there are still a lot of little details that we’ve forgotten! Ugh!

    Have you ordered things from discountdancesupply? Or sometimes local stores have online catalogs that are pretty good too!

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