Back to ballet

I did my best to make up for loss time despite freezing temperatures.

Thanks to the holiday break and eight-straight days of sickness, it had been almost two-and-a-half weeks since I’ve been in a ballet class.

Despite a high temperature of 14 degrees Farenheit (about -11 Celcius for my European and Australian readers), I managed to make it to two classes today, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Both were tough. Mr. O is out of town. His sister taught the morning class and we did a lot of unfamiliar combinations that were brain teasers. But considering how sick I was a couple of days ago, I think I made out OK. I was a little winded, but felt really good after the class was over. Note to self: After being congested, going without a water bottle made things tough.

Dawn C’s class included a portion called therapeutic barre, which really felt good on muscles that had been inactive for so long. Regular barre was OK, but going out to center was a mess. And there was no where to hide. It was nine girls and me … two lines of five. We alternated. I was in the front as much as I was in the back.

Combinations were tricky, and I should have done better than I did, sick or not last week. One of them? Balance’, balance’, pique turn arabesque, pirouette from fourth into attitude, inside pirouette (repeat in other direction as many times the room would allow). I think I did OK, but a little sloppy.

I was a bit disappointed about how I fared with the grande allegro combination. It is the one in this particular class that I do reasonably well … chasse’, pas de bouree, assemble’, pique, tour jete, chasse (in the other direction) pas de bouree, assemble’, saute chasse, saute chasse, step saute de chat. I kept getting on the wrong foot.

Today was a bit bittersweet. My university classes start back Wednesday. I’ll no longer be able to take the Monday morning class or Wednesday morning, two of the classes I’m in the most comfort zone in. I’ll trade Wednesday for Thursday, and that’s a fairly even trade.

Dawn C’s class will be my only Monday class, and it is the one where I’m in the least of a comfort zone. Part of it is because I’m still learning her arms and terminology. Part of it is because it is the only class where I am for the most part the only adult, and the only male dancer. My classmates are all teenage girls since the male pros dropped out a couple of months ago.

But I appreciate the formalness of the class. And I love learning the new combinations. And it helps that the girls know me.

I still have Mr. O on Thursday. And Mrs. O on Saturday. Those are my comfort zone classes.

I am trying to decide whether to add Friday morning open class to the list. It’s taught by my original adult teacher, and all of the students are adults, which would be a change of pace. But it is a painstakingly slow class, in a smaller room with a much longer barre time, and little center work time (with little room to negotiate).

And with my work and university schedule, it would be giving up one of my sleep-in days, which for fatigue purposes is hard to give up.


5 responses to “Back to ballet

  • RO

    Wow you have so much ballet going on! I’m super jealous..
    That center combination sounds pretty good!! And you call -11 a high temperature?? We are still experiencing 14+ here in the Netherlands! We usually have snow and frost by now… the world is going crazy šŸ˜‰

  • The Dancing Rider

    We are in a drought here, with mid-day temps running 10 – 15 degrees about normal. No rain for quite a while, and having to be mindful of water use.

    Kudos on getting through what sounded like good challenges to me. Plus after having been sick, it’s really hard to pick up things right away and have them work as before. I know this from skating!

    Hope you keep that sleep in day. Sounds like you you will need it.

  • disneyballerina

    It was -10 last night and -5 today here in Cleveland! And that isn’t even counting the windchill which made it feel more like -30. Brrrrrrrrr. I’m ready for this cold weather to be gone!!! Glad to hear you’re back to ballet after being sick. šŸ™‚

    • Dancescribe

      It got down to 4 this morning. This is the South, it’s not supposed to get this cold! It’s supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow. It’ll almost feel like spring. And I’m glad to be back in class. I’d been away far too long.

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