To dance or not to dance …

It’s been two weeks since my last dance class.

Our studio offered two unscheduled open classes yesterday and this morning.

I was looking forward to them, a chance to get back into ballet shape before the regular schedule resumes next week.

Then, Monday sickness hit. Coughing, a sore throat, sinus problems and an occasional fever. I felt miserable yesterday and even missed work, much less skipped the class.

Felt a little better today, but the cough will not let me go. I slept in rather than go to the second class.

In years past, I probably would have gone. But not today. Part of me thought maybe I could sweat some of the toxins out, but there was a part wondering if it would have made it worse. Going to try to go into work tonight well medicated.

A friend of mine who dances at a college in Pennsylvania is back in town and teaching a master class tomorrow. I’m hoping to feel well enough to go. I miss ballet. I am so not in dance shape.

But I want to feel great before I go back.



6 responses to “To dance or not to dance …

  • The Dancing Rider

    Hope you feel better soon. It’s better to be closer to normal I think, before putting your system under class demands. My class may be returning in mid-January. So not ready, and can’t cite flu/cold. Even though it’s just a recreational class, it’s demanding. I think you are wise! It can be very hard to get all the way back to normal if you start too soon.

  • Bush Ballerina

    I hope you feel better tomorrow and make the class.

  • RO

    Ohhh I hope you felt good enough to do the class! Being sick is never fun, especially not when it means you have to miss work and BALLET of all things.. Get well soon!

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