One week from the theater

How’s this for a “welcome back to ballet” after Thanksgiving break.

We hadn’t rehearsed or had classes since last Monday. Today, we ran Act I and Act II complete for both casts (I do both casts for two of my three parts, but since the guy I alternate with as party dad didn’t show, I did everything twice).

Walked into the studio at 11:30. Staggered out at 4:30.

Usually, this mother of all rehearsals is for fine-tuning before we hit the theater a week from tonight. But the head of the drama department from a local university is now helping Mr. O with the production … so suddenly, we get major changes to the party scene and the battle scene (which impacts me most, I may have to relearn how I do things during theater week).

So far, no major changes for Act II, but I could have done better in Chinese. My timing was off about an eighth on my jumps. And I missed my mark by a panel and nearly hit the girls who were doing pique turns in a circle right in front of me. Those weren’t major mistakes, but I want to do better when it really counts.

Last major rehearsal in the studio is Act I complete on Saturday. Then I’ll spend the rest of the day helping carry props and costumes over to the theater, and helping with set up.

Then, this time next week, we will have wrapped Act II spacing rehearsal … with the real madness beginning next Monday. Hard to believe it’s close.


2 responses to “One week from the theater

  • The Dancing Rider

    Long day, but it sounded fabulous. I loved your description of the mini-timing things. I remember those so clearly from figure skating programs, when in a group! 🙂 It is close, and all of you are going to be great. You will do a bang up job I know. There’s something about the performance itself that makes you know you “have to”. Love that!

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