Dancing on tired legs

If my legs could talk, they’d tell me to take the elevator tomorrow when I go to my second floor college class in the morning.

They are sore … the good sore … and with good reason.

Three classes, two long Nutcracker rehearsals, all since Saturday morning.

Saturday, we worked on Act II finale waltz (which was fairly easy). But Sunday was the bear, Act I complete. I rehearsed my role as party dad (really easy). But the guest artist from the Rock School who is performing soldier doll and lead Russian has not arrived yet.

So I performed soldier doll twice. My timing is much better, but note to self: where warmups and tights next time because doing pirouettes in blue jeans is a killer. And do plies, stretch and warm up next time. Lesson learned.

And I did the dreaded Nutcracker bed (under a bed, in a harness, pulling a 50-75 pound Clara) twice during battle scene run throughs.

And then, I went to two ballet classes today. Pretty crazy, right?

They were both fun and challenging. Mr. O stayed in stamina building mode. Combinations were fairly simple. And, despite the tired legs, I was pretty consistent with my pirouettes. They’re getting there.

Dawn C’s classes continue to be the hardest for me, in part because we do combinations I’m still not as familiar with. I’m working on those pique-arabesque turns. Eventually, they’ll come.

Love her therapeutic barre at the beginning of class. For tired legs, it’s what the doctor ordered.

She also had us do a grande allegro combination that really rocked (chasse pas de bouree’ assemble’ right, chasse three times, assemble left, chasse tour jete’ three times). I think that was my best combination of the night.

I really am beginning to appreciate the way she teaches. She is more formal, more strict. And she will call the entire class out if we’re not performing the combination correctly,

My tired legs will now get somewhat of a break.

There is no class tomorrow. I’ve got Mr. O’s open advanced class on Wednesday, then no dancing until Mrs. O’s Saturday morning class, which will be followed by Act II complete rehearsal. It will be my first rehearsal to dance Chinese full out.

We’ll rehearse Act I again on Sunday, followed by two classes on Monday again.

If tradition holds, we’ll break for Thanksgiving the rest of the week before returning for an intense rehearsal on Sunday.

Tech week is rapidly approaching.

One response to “Dancing on tired legs

  • RO

    Wow busy busy week!! But awesome.. Seems like this hard work is what you crave for and you can handle it! I hope your Chinese will go well, and don’t forget to give your body some well deserved TLC.
    Also: Not warming up is killing indeed.. muscle ache will be sooo much worse without warming up!

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