My “Dead Week” at the Ballet

When I first went to college years ago, the university had a “Dead Week” right before exams.

No tests were to be given. No projects were to be assigned. You just studied before exams, or spent time working on final projects.

The university I attend now doesn’t believe in the concept.

But for me at the ballet school I attend, this is “Dead Week.”

By that, I mean that most of my classes were cancelled this week because the company is performing in its fall show this weekend. I haven’t danced since my two classes on Monday. And I’m not performing in the fall show, so I’m getting a little stir crazy (the price I pay for being in open classes where the majority of dancers are in the company, or in the company classes).

Because of my work schedule, the alternative (the slow beginner open classes) are out of the question.

I’m trying instead to rest up. Come Monday, its plunge back into ballet full throttle. While I’m sitting out the show this weekend (and really, for me, it’s tough because they’ve spoiled me for casting me in so many fun shows), that is not the case for Nutcracker, where I have three parts.

It’s classes and rehearsals full blast until Nutcracker during the second week of November.

But right now, it’s hard sitting out. I’m be glad when my “Dead Week” is done.

I’m tired of sitting out. Monday won’t get here soon enough.


2 responses to “My “Dead Week” at the Ballet

  • RO

    Ahhhh this feeling of not being able to dance sucks… I wish you all the best for next week! Muscles will be sore, I predict 😉

  • The Dancing Rider

    Yes, we are approaching two dead times. No classes at all. And even though ours are infrequent these days, just knowing that we can’t have one is distressing…..

    You will be really, really busy very soon! Resting up sounds like a plan!

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