The amazing power of a night dance class

When I first returned to ballet as an adult, I didn’t have the crazy work schedule I have now.

I’d rush to class after a rough day at work, dance for 90 minutes, go home a little sore, but my body always felt relaxed when it was over.

Now I work 3-11:30 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday (in addition to college classes Monday through Thursday before work), which means three of my four dance classes are in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I have one lone night class that I’ve had to miss the last couple of weeks because of college projects.

It’s a class I’ve mentioned before that I take with company class taught by Dawn C. Her classes, I’ve mentioned, are a little more challenging because we do steps and combinations we don’t normally do in my other classes. We also do something called therapeutic bar, which stretches my body in ways it normally isn’t stretched, but my body usually says … Ahhhh! when it’s over.

Class tonight wasn’t nearly as complicated as they have been, although we still did a long, tough adagio. We did a few more interesting combinations that I’m beginning to pick up. I remember thinking “you know this wasn’t a frustrating class” when it was over. It was a fun way to end a day, a relaxing way to end a day considering how mentally exhausted I’ve been.

I left thinking, boy it’d be great to be able to dance more often at night.

How about you guys? Which do you prefer? That morning dance class that gets you started on your day. Or the one that relieves the stress of the day and makes you sleep better at night?


4 responses to “The amazing power of a night dance class

  • RO

    I wouldn’t know about morning classes (unfortunately, that would be great!), I only have classes on Wednesday nights and Friday nights. I do think that for me, this is exactly right. One class in the middle of my workweek just to keep my energy up and one class on Friday as a perfect start of my weekend.
    It sounds like you are really very busy, I wonder how you can keep up with everything! Glad you had a nice class though 🙂

  • The Dancing Rider

    Class sounded really good. It makes me worry about you with your schedule — so busy!

    I prefer mid-morning classes. Probably due to an older body?

  • The Traveling Dancer

    I haven’t ever tried a morning class during the week because they tend to be more advanced. There are more options at night but I think it would be nice to come home and “rest” rather than rush off to class and come back and zonk out. 🙂 I take morning classes on the weekend sometimes and it’s definitely a nice way to start the day. Your schedule does sound really busy! Glad you’re still going to class regularly!

    • Dancescribe

      I’m always rushed with the morning classes during the week because I have college class, and-or work right after. But it is a good way to start the day.

      I love night classes because I’m not rushed, there is nothing left when I’m done. And it makes it easier for me to relax and sleep at night.

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